Trans Lucid Media, Chinese-oriented creative communication products and services.

Our Services

Our services

concept advice and creation

visual identity creation

visual identity adaptation

content advice and creation


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TLM's clients reach the Chinese market

TLM's clients are fighting for their place in the rapidly developing markets. We are client focused and client directed; attuned to your needs and desires.

Our specialty is integrating market understanding and our clients' requirements into an identity that generates market value.

We fashion a market identity that influences current and future customers.

The craftsman of your communication

Our project management highlights partnership from strategic development to delivery.

Our work is founded on outstanding technical and artistic skills, new technologies and media production tools.

We guarantee the effective delivery of all agreed services, on time and on cost.

From a simple brochure to a multiple-media integrated campaign, we develop creative solutions tailored to your budget.

Creative concepts form the heart of TLM's business

Our creativity is a sensitive, innovative and aesthetic response to market reality and customer needs.

We create and define concepts to express our client's desired message, positioning our clients in their market.

We steer creative concepts in the optimal media or in multiple media.