Trans Lucid Media, Chinese-oriented creative communication products and services.



Galleries of abstract artworks created by Florent Bérard. Using a mixture of Chinese and Western painting techniques and an emotive painting style, the paintings evoke new experiences and fresh images every time they are viewed.

Eyes and Ears

Eyes and Ears is a startup publishing company which has produced its first work: China Color. This book explores colour themes throughout China using vivid imagery and lively photography.

A small and savvy market research and consulting company specializing in marketing services for industrial companies. For more than 12 years, ABC Marketing has been conducting documentary, qualitative and quantitative research studies. ABC Marketing also specializes in B2B research and consulting. 


Le Petit Futé is a world-leading provider of travel guides with over 25 years of experience. They publish more than 600 different guides around the world, including versions in English, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. In China their product range covers Travel Guides, In-flight Guides and Special Guides. 


VVR International outsources purchasing departments for European companies with offices in China. The work of their Chinese team will enable you to select from the best suppliers and deal directly with Chinese factories. The quality of goods purchased and delivery time are guaranteed. VVR International has 4 project managers based in France and 15 executives on the ground in China.