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The word 'Logogram' was coined in 1820 and was derived from the Greek words 'logos' ('word') and 'gram' ('what is written'). Thus, logogram meant a 'sign or character representing a word'.

A logo is a visual device that graphically defines your identity, incorporating an emblem or symbol, name or acronym.

A logo is a unique symbol that’s reflects your company and product’s unique environments and identities. A successful, a well-known, reputable logo can often be enough to sell a product on its own.

A logo set is an investment for a lifetime. A set of logos is usually required because a logo must be able to be adapted in different settings. These adaptations may be based on background colour, size of logo, company department, language or environment.

We can create a new logo set for you or we can adapt an existing logo to the Chinese market.